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Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC is situated in the industrial area of the city of Tyumen in its south-eastern part not far from Antipino rural settlement.

Most of Russian oil (72%) and natural gas (91%) reserves are concentrated in the Tyumen Region. However, despite the fact that the Tyumen Region is one of the largest oil producing areas it has to acquire light-oil products in the volume of some 1.2 million tons from other regions, in particular, from Omsk Oil Refinery (550 kilometers away from Tyumen), Ufa Oil Refinery (800 kilometers away), and Permnefteorgsintez (600 kilometers away).

In this regard, the construction of its own oil refinery on the territory of the Tyumen Region is absolutely reasonable.

In addition to that, for the purposes of taking counter measures against mini-refineries producing improper fuel the issue of building an up-to-date oil refinery with new technological equipment making it possible to supply quality products to the market in required volumes is especially topical.

On November 4, 2006 the authorities of Tyumen officially permitted to commission the 1st construction phase of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC with the estimated capacity of refining 400 thousand tons of oil p.a. As of the year 2008 the actual capacity of the 1st phase amounted to 740 thousand tons p.a. due to retooling and modernization.

On April 9, 2010 the authorities of Tyumen officially permitted to commission the 2nd construction phase with the estimated capacity of refining 2.75 million tons of oil p.a. As a result of the 2nd phase modernization (November 2012) its capacity reached 3.5 million tons p.a. The total capacity of the refinery after re-equipment makes up 4.2 million tons per year. No enterprise of similar capacity has been put into operation on the territory of the Russian Federation over the past 30 years.

The 2012 output amounted to 2.9 million tons of oil products; moreover, 345 thousand tons were extracted from the refinerys partner company LLC Tarkhovskoe and subsequently consumed at the enterprise. Sum total: the turnover of 3,245 million tons.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery is unique due to the fact that it is a private but not a state-run project the capacity of which will grow up 7.5 million tons of oil per year (2013), the quality of oil products will comply with Euro-5 standard (2014), and the processing depth will grow to 94% (2015).

Competitive Advantages of Antipinsky Oil Refinery:
- Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the only oil-refining venture in the region and the Urals Federal District;
- Antipinsky Oil Refinery is conveniently located in the close proximity to a developed logistic network: there is a railway infrastructure and a roadtransport infrastructure there;
- Antipinsky Oil Refinery is connected to the oil trunk pipelines of Transneft JSC with the total capacity of 6 million tons per year considering the development of the enterprise inclusive of the third phase;
- The Tyumen Region distinguishes itself by its great demand for oil products. Moreover, Antipinsky Oil Refinery has an opportunity to sell fuel to companies directly by loading small road tankers of 530 tons. Thus, costs are saved owing to the method of dispatching shipping small volumes of products.

20, 6th km of the Old Tobolsky Highway, 625047 Tyumen, Russia
Phone: (495) 755-83-59, (495) 719-61-07, (3452) 53-23-80
Fax: (495) 755-83-49, (3452) 28-41-80