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Антипинский нефтеперерабатывающий завод
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JSC Antipinsky Refinery was founded in July 2004 on the territory of one of the major oil and gas producing constituents of the Russian Federation - Tyumen Region, where most of Russian oil (64%) and natural gas (91%) reserves are concentrated.

I workflow stage of 400 thousand tons p.a. design capacity was commissioned in November 2006. As a result of revamping, its actual capacity as of 2008 amounted to 740 tons p.a.

In May 2010, the Refinery’s II workflow stage of 2.5 MTPA crude oil capacity was launched. As part of II workflow stage modernization conducted at the end of 2012, its nameplate capacity exceeded 3.3 MTPA, which enabled the Refinery to increase the total processing capacity  over 4.0 MTPA in 2013.

Simultaneously with construction and commissioning of the workflow stages JSC Antipinsky Refinery acquired and repaired railway station Antipino, in the proximity of which the Finished Products Sector (FPS) was built. It is intended for unloading of light refined oil products (gasoline, diesel) by rail.

The FPS is a detached facility connected with the main area of the refinery by means of industrial pipelines with the total length of about  3,0 km located not far from Antipino station. The area of the site is 15 ha. There are two either-direction tank filling racks making it possible to load 71 rail tankers at a time with a relay tank terminal of 20 thousand cum. The FPS commissioning has increased the total estimated oil-product loading capacity of the refinery up to 8 MTPA (the basic capacity is 3 million tons + 5 million tons of the FPS).

In January 2014, ELOU-AT-3 unit with the nameplate capacity of 3.7 MTPA was put into operation. Subsequently, the nameplate capacity of the refinery reached 7,74 MTPA. Such off-site facilities as additional commercial diesel fuel tank battery and crude oil tank battery as well as up-to-date five-stage water intake, treatment and effluent facilities were commissioned simultaneously with the unit. It is represented the accomplishment of the 1st start-up complex of the III workflow stage.

In October 2015, diesel hydro treating complex with the nameplate capacity up to 3 MTPA was put into operation. This resulted in the beginning of euro-5 diesel production. Hydrogen generation unit with a gas treatment module and sulfur recovery unit (with a granulation module) were built for the purpose of supporting operations of the hydro treating unit. It is represented the accomplishment of the 2nd start-up complex of the III workflow stage as well as the beginning of advanced refining processes.

Moreover, as part of this workflow stage modernization of the ELOU-AT-3 unit was conducted. As a result of revamping its actual capacity amounted to 5 MTPA, which enabled the Refinery to increase the total processing capacity over 9.0 MTPA.

One more significant achievement of this start-up complex is completion of construction and commissioning of the LPG (liquefied petroleum gases) depot for transportation of commercial liquid motor gas Grade PA (motor propane) and PBA (motor propane-butane). The LPG depot capacity makes 25,000 tons per year. After commissioning of all facilities, necessary for the full-cycle processing, the LPG depot capacity will be doubled. 

At the same time, in order to increase the railway tonnage and carrying capacity, a base for receipt and shipment of the dark oil products (vacuum gas oil) was put into operation. The extended railways made about 6 kilometers which is more than twice as large as the total length of the previous lines. The products produced at the elemental sulfur and fuel oil  deep processing units (granulated sulphur, coke and vacuum gas oil) will be shipped to the consumers from these newly constructed railway lines.

JSC Antipinsky Refinery processed more than 28 million ton of oil over 9 years, including over 6,2 in 2014 and over 8,1 in 2015, that demonstrates growth dynamics.

Antipinsky Refinery is unique due to the fact that it is first in more than 30 years private but not a state-run commercial oil refinery, independent of Vertical Integrated Oil Companies, connected to the oil trunk pipeline (total capacity equals to 7,2 MTPA with a plan to increase up to 9 MTPA) and product trunk pipeline (total capacity  equals to  1,8 MTPA with a plan to increase up to 3 MTPA) which capacity exceeds 9,0 MTPA, the quality of diesel complies with Euro-5 standard and in 2016 the processing depth will grow up to 97% and the quality of gasolines will comply with Euro-5 standard.

20, 6th km of the Old Tobolsky Highway, 625047 Tyumen, Russia
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