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Антипинский нефтеперерабатывающий завод
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Quality Policy

Our mission:
To make and supply high-quality oil products meeting the world standards for consumers in Russia and outside the Russian Federation.

Our strategic objective: To achieve the maximum oil processing depth, the output and supply of high-quality oil products for consumers of the Tyumen Region and Federal Districts of the Russian Federation.

The principles we are governed by:

- Develop the management system of the Refinery using up-to-date management technologies.

- Continuously improve technological processes providing for the output of quality oil products meeting consumer demands and requirements of regulatory and legal documents.

- Each employee should understand his/her contribution to product quality.

- Use experience and competent contribution of each employee in the course of the Refinery’s development by keeping up the relevant level of competence of our employees in time.

- Use material, natural, and energy resources efficiently.

- Provide for social protection, security, and healthcare of our employees in the course of their industrial activity.

- Minimize the impact of the Refinery on the environment by reducing emissions, pollutant discharges, and industrial waste.

- Maintain relations with consumers on an ongoing basis for the purpose of improving mutually advantageous cooperation and boosting the image of the Refinery.

- Communicate with suppliers according to the principle of partner confidence and transparency.

                     ISO 9001(rus)                       ISO 9001 (eng)

20, 6th km of the Old Tobolsky Highway, 625047 Tyumen, Russia
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