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Charity is one of the main areas of social policy pursued by Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC. The refinery which as of today is one of the major enterprises of the Tyumen Region pays much attention to the social wellbeing of the region, too. It manifests itself in providing assistance to those who need it most of all, to foster children of orphanages, disabled people, veterans.

Robinsonada Public Sports Event

Recently charitable assistance was provided for the purpose of preparation and hosting in the Tyumen Region of the XIIth Tourist Forum, Robinsonada 2012.


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Antipinsky Oil Refinery supported festival Easter Rejoicing

The enterprise renders active assistance to those who need it more than others charity-children, handicapped people, veterans. Within the framework of the festival Easter Rejoicing, the company will provide support to 21-year old Tolgat Yesbolov from Tyumen.

Tolgat Yesbolov was born without arms, but this boys will power deserves admiration. Despite his young age, he became a citizen of honor of his city of Tyumen. When he was still a child, Tolik (this is how his friends call him) did everything himself: picked up toys using his feet (one of his legs is 9 centimeters shorter than the other), brushed his teeth, washed the dishes. At the age of 5, he started to draw using his healthy leg. His paintings won awards at district and regional exhibitions. Having finished school with a golden medal, Tolgat entered the university faculty of mathematics and is now studying to become a software programmer, holding the pen and computer mouth using his feet as well. Domestic prosthetic devices are extremely uncomfortable and Tolgat only put them on a couple of times.

Four years ago, the Yesbolovs learnt about bioelectrical artificial limbs: in the elbows, sensors are installed which sense the muscles discharges and transfer them into the hand which readily clenches and opens. The mother alone is bringing up her son and cannot afford expensive prostheses. Antipinsky Oil Refinery offered its help to make Tolgats dream come true.

Charity is one of important trends of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC social policy. For today, our refinery is one of the Tyumen Region biggest enterprises what allows us to pay great attention to the region social welfare. We were happy to respond to the offer to support the Easter Rejoicing marathon and provide aid to Tolgat Yesbolov from Tyumen. We wish this boy steadfastness, belief in himself, and sincerely hope that he will be able to live a full life developing and improving his creative abilities, Maria Yashmetova, Assistant to Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC Board of Directors Chairman.

Source: "Arguments and Facts" newspaper Charity foundation

Friendship Makes Children Strong

On June 2, in the Tyumen Region Childrens Scientific Library named after K. Y. Lagunov, literature festival Friendship Makes Children Strong, timed to coincide with celebration of the International Day for Protection of Children, was held.

Already on the festival eve, among children from social centers and foster homes, a competition of drawings dedicated to friendship was held. Children from the center of social support for family and children Maria became the winners. They got letters of gratitude, prizes, and a big tart.

And on June 2, in the TRCSL premises, the festival was held. The atmosphere of childhood started already in the lobby: childrens songs, cartoons In the subscription section new literary works exhibition-reviews for children and their parents. In each section quizzes and mini-competitions with chocolate as the winners award! In fact, anyone who came to the library could help oneself to sweets. For children wishing to make the bird of peace with their own hands, a master class was held. And for protectors and fans of nature a quiz dedicated to friendship with the environment and the environment protection was organized. But the most interesting entertainment for the children and adults who came to the TRCSL was the meeting with a character from Russian traditional fairy-tales Baba Yaga! Baba Yaga (old witch) decided to create a house of good mood. And the hall for mass entertainment turned into a sitting-room: samovar with tea, chocolate, biscuits And games, puzzles, interesting books, catchy questions. The response of families that attended this tea party is only positive. This is what they write: Thank you so much for creating such a warm, interesting, cognitive atmosphere within the library walls. We are always very eager to come to your place! or We feel comfortable and at home in your place! The festival dedicated to the International Day for Protection of Children in the TRCSL was held with success!

Organizers and participants extend their sincere thanks to Closed Joint Stock Company Antipinsky Oil Refinery and personally General Director Gennady A. Lisovichenko. Thanks to his support, it became possible to create unforgettable festive spirit for children.

Author: O. B. Tokareva, TRCSL Deputy Director
Source: the Tyumen Region Cultural Department
Links: Official portal of the Tyumen Region state authorities,
          Tyumen Region Childrens Scientific Library named after K. Y. Lagunov

Antipinsky Oil Refinery Provides Charitable Assistance to Pupils of Orphanage

In the summer of 2013, 32 pupils of Orphanage No. 66 of the city of Tyumen had an opportunity to spend holidays on the Black Sea Coast and Lake Baikal within the framework of charitable assistance which has become traditional for Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC.
Twenty-two pupils of the orphanage aged from 6 to 18 reposed and recreated in Ogonyok health resort in the settlement of Vityazevo located not far from Anapa-town in the Krasnodar Region. The children spent twenty-nine days in favorable climatic conditions.
Other 10 children aged from 12 to 17 could spend their holidays interestingly and usefully in Baikalsky Parus (the Baikal Sail) campgrounds near the town of Severobaikalsk located on the northern shore of Lake Baikal. Bathing procedures in thermal springs, visits to museums and the greenhouse, rope-route stage-by-stage exercises, sports and entertainment activities were organized for the children. All pupils of the orphanage were provided with 4 meals a day both, on their way to the holiday area and in the camp itself.
Totally over 1 million 800 thousand rubles from the charity funds of Antipinsky Oil Refinery were spent for the organization of summer holidays of 32 orphans.


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