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Photographic picture of the 20-storey building under construction as of 14.05.2012.

The project of the GP-11 residential 20-storey building situated nearby Obrochnoe Lake in the district of Tura of the city of Tyumen has been developed by OOO Institut Karkasnykh Sistem - Tura (The Frame Systems Institute Tura LLC). The 20-storey residential building is a stand-alone one-doorway construction.

Nonresidential premises are located on the ground (1st) floor, the 2nd-20th floors are the dwelling area.

The ceiling of the ground floor is at the height of 3.6 meters, the floor-to-floor height of the residential area is 3.0 meters.

Two goods-passenger lifts constitute the vertical ties of the floors.

As of today construction and assembly works of the foundation, basement, the ground (first) and the second floors without outer walls have been completed. The columns of the 3 and 4 floors have been constructed.

20, 6th km of the Old Tobolsky Highway, 625047 Tyumen, Russia
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