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The work of a specialist of the oil refinery is associated with the high level of responsibility and, consequently, with the high bodily and psychological tension. To restore after work, the employees need active rest. Antipinsky  Refinery offers wide opportunities for sports and rest for the company employees. Creation of conditions that help to keep fit is an important aspect of the corporate life. The company employees can sport in the gyms and sports facilities leased by the company and attend, together with their families, the swimming pool and indoor ice rink.


In 2013, the company purchased Zdorovie Cultural and Recreational Centre to support the healthy life-style of the employees and to hold sports event.
It is planned to reconstruct the administrative building, overnight facilities for personnel, swimming pool, gym, and paintball building. The ramshackle timber buildings will be demolished and replaced with modern capital facilities. The playing fields and recreation areas will be appropriately equipped; a beach area will be arranged.
Nevertheless, already now the company personnel like to have rest in the territory of the Cultural and Recreational Centre. The Centre is used to hold corporate sports events. In 2015, the company employees took part in the ski races in the territory of the Centre on the occasion of two holidays – Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Working Women's Day.
Besides, in 2015, the company purchased a sports and health centre near the oil refinery. The sports and health centre includes a tennis-court, two exercise rooms, a swimming pool and a hall for futsal, basket-ball and handball. In 2016, after partial refurbishment and commissioning of the centre, it will be used for training session of the company volleyball, futsal and basket-ball teams, and for corporate sports event.


The company athletes take active part in the Olympics between the companies of the city of Tyumen and Tyumen Region (futsal, basket-ball, volleyball and ski races). The hockey team of Antipinsky Refinery became a silver winner in the Championship of the city of Tyumen. The company employees demonstrated good results in the Olympics and in the multiathlon which were part of the Autumn Day of Health, as well as in the 9th Olympics of the labour collectives of the Tyumen Region.


The most wins belong to the volleyball team of Antipinsky Refinery. The company athletes won the Championship of the Tyumen Region in park volleyball, the Championship of the city in volleyball among the men's teams of the First League and come in second in the 3rd Russian Olympics of the working population devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

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