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November 19, 2015


On November 19, Interfax-Era published its fundamental efficiency appraisal rating for 150 major companies operating in the real sector of the Russian economy for 2014.

The Antipinsky Oil Refinery, ranked second, has become one of the rating leaders.  It should be emphasized that the company made a tremendous breakthrough in the past year having made it from the 44th to the 2nd position.

The rating features 150 largest Russian companies. The companies were ranked according to five criteria: energy and resources spent per unit of output (energy and resource efficiency), level of environmental impact - consumption of natural resources per unit of work performed (technological efficiency), efficiency dynamics (+/- % per annum), extent of environmental reporting disclosure (transparency) and the ability of natural eco-systems in enterprise presence regions to assimilate the environmental impact thereof (eco-system efficiency). The most meaningful of them are technological and energy and resource efficiency.

A company’s rating was determined based on four ranking options (environmental and energy efficiency of production, technological efficiency of the equipment used, efficiency dynamics, transparency). Each company’s places in all four ranking lists were summed up.  The company’s place determined by ranking according to the sum of its places represents its rating value.

How were companies assessed?

Environmental and energy efficiency and the dynamics thereof were calculated for 4511 enterprises in Russia and Kazakhstan. Out of the aforesaid amount enterprises that are branches, subsidiaries or dependent companies of Top-150 companies operating in the real sector of the Russian economy were singled out. The efficiency, efficiency dynamics and transparency values calculated for a company from the -150 companies list are average weighted values for the company’s enterprises presented in our database.  The enterprise weight is the square root of the scope of its operations determined by its revenues, headcount and energy consumption. In some cases, a company being part of a holding company is assessed based on a small number of enterprises or even one enterprise, if only one enterprise was presented in the rating agency’s data base.

About Interfax-Era

Interfax Group set up a new subdivision within its structure – Interfax ERA environmental and energy rating agency to compile on a regular basis environmental and energy efficiency ratings of enterprises, companies, regions and fulfill information and analytical orders in the environmental area. Its relevance is determined by the fact that it is the universality of fundamental efficiency criteria that matters under the conditions of erratic financial indicators, unstable currency exchange rate and uncertain repercussions of the sanctions.

November 18, 2015


On November 18, RBC published its rating of TOP-50 fastest growing companies in Russia. Antipinsky Oil Refinery ranked 14 in the rating. The company’s revenue for 2014 totaled RUB 124.6 bn with 49% average annual increase.

This year, the list of the rating participants grew from 30 to 50 companies and changed dramatically. It suffices to say that three leaders of the current rating of fast growing companies have made it to the list for the first time (they were not even among TOP-30 companies last year) and, in fact, 37 out of 50 companies are new to the rating. All oil and gas sector areas – production, transportation, refining and retail – are represented in the rating by only 7 companies.

However, the methodology of making the list has not changed. As the first stage, a long list of companies from SPARC-Interfax database and RBC 500 rating was made based on the following criteria: annual revenue growth of at least 20% from 2012 to 2014; revenue of at least RUB 1 bn in 2011 and at least RUB 3 bn in 2014; registered before 2011; the company should be private or the share of private shareholders should be at least 50%; the company may not be in the process of liquidation or amalgamation with other companies; the company’s business should be clear and transparent. Excluded from the sampling were financial companies and state-owned holding companies and their subsidiaries.

As the second stage, the growth ratio (the final score) was calculated for the companies meeting the sampling terms. Then, the companies meeting the sampling terms were ranked according to the growth ratio (final score) and the list of TOP-50 companies having the highest scores was made.

October 29, 2015


The Antipinsky Oil Refinery has completed the modernization of its ELOU AT-3 oil processing unit. As part of the works, the fuel oil and oil pipelines have been enlarged in diameter, pumping units capacity has been increased, new flow meters, control valve and shutdown valves have been installed, and redundancy arrangements were made for critical heat exchangers.

The modernization enabled the refinery to increase the unit throughput capacity from 3.7 to 5 million tons. Thus, the refinery’s total processing capacity come to a little over 9 million tons per annum.

The next stage of ELOU AT-3 modernization scheduled to start in 2016 involves installation of safety valves on each furnace pilot burner, replacement of pilot burners (with ignition device), changing of the ignition algorithm, supply of reagents to the stabilization unit and installation of standby heat exchangers. The second stage of modernization will enable the improvement of the facility’s safety.

On October 28, Antipinsky Oil Refinery JSC received a letter from the Department of Oil and Gas Refining of the Ministry of Energy of Russia stating that the information regarding the increase in the enterprise’s installed oil refining capacity to 9.04 million tons per annum had been taken note of.

October 29, 2015


In view of the amendments made to the Articles of Association of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC the company’s name was changed in accordance with the requirements of the RF Civil Code.

The Company’s effective full business name in Russian: « ».

The Company’s abbreviated business name in Russian: « ».

The Company’s full business name in English: Joint Stock Company Antipinsky Refinery.

The Company’s abbreviated business in English: JSC Antipinsky Refinery.

The Company’s location: city of Tyumen, Tyumen Region, Russian Federation.

The Company’s address remained unchanged: 20, 6th km of the Old Tobolsky Highway, 625047 Tyumen, Russia.

Further, the activities carried out by the Company have been further detailed.

The aforesaid amendments came into effect upon the completion of the registration procedure which took place on 23.10.2015. As part of the procedure, the new version of the Company’s Articles of Association has been registered, certificates of registration with tax authorities and the notice of registration have been renewed.

October 26, 2015


On October 26, Expert-Ural Magazine published the list of TOP-20 companies of the Urals and West Siberia oil and oil & gas industries. Antipinsky Oil Refinery ranked 17th.

The top three companies included Surgutneftegaz, Bashneft Group and Lukoil-West Siberia.

The rating was compiled based on the data provided by the companies and Russian Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).

October 26, 2015


On October 26, Expert-Ural Magazine published the list of TOP-20 most dynamic companies of the Urals and West Siberia. Antipinsky Oil Refinery came in 14th in the rating with its 79.4 % increase in sales volumes in one year.

It should be noted that oil and oil & gas industry was presented in the rating by only 3 companies. Along with the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, it included Nortgas and Arcticgas production enterprises specializing in geological studies of new fields and subsequent production of oil, gas and associated gas condensate.
The first line in the rating went to TEK-Energo whose sales increase rate amounted to 322.2%.

October 26, 2015


On October 26, Expert-Ural Magazine published its annual Expert-Ural-400 rating of major Urals and West Siberian companies based on their 2014 performance results.

The Antipinsky Oil Refinery with its sales volume of RUB 124 624.8 million ranked 24th having risen 11 positions in the rating. For the sake of comparison, the company’s sales volume last year amounted to RUB 69 461.9 million. Thus, the increase in Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s sales volumes amounted to 79.4 %.

The project geography includes the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Kurgan, Tyumen Regions, the Republic of Bashkortostan and Udmurtia, Khanty-Mansiisk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Areas and the Perm Region. Its goal is to identify the largest companies in the Urals economy and analyze the role of big business in the economic development of the Urals and West Siberia Region, its structure and main development trends.

The rating was compiled using the Federal State Statistics Service information presented in the Interfax Agency’s System of Professional Analysis of Markets and Companies (SPARC), data obtained by company surveys, corporate websites data and Interfax information disclosure system.

October 19, 2015


On October 19, Expert Magazine published its 2015 rating of Russia’s largest companies in terms of sales volumes. Antipinsky Oil Refinery, having improved its place in the rating by 49 positions, ranked 71st in the 2015 rating of 400 Russian companies with the largest sales volumes. The top three companies included Gazprom, Oil Company Lukoil and Oil Company Rosneft.

The main goal of the project is to identify the largest companies in the Russian economy and analyze the role of big business in Russia’s economic development. The main indicator for ranking the companies in the rating is the sales volume of goods (services) in rubles and comparable indicators (for financial companies) for 2014.

As of today, Expert-400 Rating is the most representative list of Russia’s largest companies. Over the 20 years of its existence, it has gained recognition in the Russian business community and is extensively cited in the press.

October 09, 2015


On October 9, a comprehensive emergency exercise titled “Response Actions in Case of Emergency at LPG Storage Facility” was conducted at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. The main goal of the exercise was for all municipal rescue services to learn the approach routes, composition, structure, location and production capabilities of the newly commissioned facility – the LPG Storage Facility.

The objectives of the exercise were to:

- verify the feasibility of civil defense and emergency response (CD & ER) plans, refinery employees protection plan, to double check the activities scheduled and bring them in line with the requirements for organizing activities as part of the Russian Uniform Emergency Prevention and Response System (RUEP&RS) and CD & ER activities at the enterprise;
- improve preparedness of the management bodies, units, refinery employees to take proper actions when handling RUEP&RS tasks;
- help the management team to develop skills to implement CD & ER activities in an independent and confident manner;
- verify the effectiveness of activities to improve the process stability at the LPG Storage Facility in the event of an emergency;
- determine the LPG Storage Facility level of preparedness to handle RUEP&RS tasks in a complex situation including consequences terrorist arracks;
- explore the capabilities of the enterprise’s volunteer ERTs and how they can be most effectively used in complex situations.
127 people took part in the exercise: LPG Storage Facility experts, members of the refinery’s volunteer emergency response teams (VERTs) – the radiation and chemical reconnaissance squad, first aid and decontamination squad, subdivisions of Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s Fire Fighting Unit No. 1 LLC,  Tyumen Fire Guard and Rescue Garrison, fire fighting train of the Siberian Extra-departmental Defense Unit of the Sverdlovsk Railway Branch of the Federal State Enterprise “Extra-departmental Security Service of Railroad Transport of the Russian Federation”, an ambulance team of the Disaster Medicine Center and a rescue team of the Tyumen Region Emergency Response Service.

“The Federal Fire Fighting Service assigned 3 units of equipment and 32 people from operational and command staff of the Tyumen City Fire Guard Garrison,” explained Sergei Leonidovich Smerdov, Head of the Fire Fighting Service of the Crisis Management Center at the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Tyumen Region.

According to the exercise scenario, an emergency at the liquefied petroleum gases storage facility resulted in partial seal failure of process equipment and a gas leak. As was determined by employees of radiological and chemical monitoring service, the liquid spill area was 150 square meters. To prevent possible fire and further gas evaporation, the fire fighting brigades who arrived at the emergency scene used a foam monitor to cover the entire spill area with a great amount of foam.

However, according to the next situation to occur, during the emergency localization gas ignition accompanied by jet fire took place.

To extinguish the mock fire and cool down the adjacent tanks, two portable fire monitors were deployed and used at a safe distance from the affected area.

At the final stage according to the exercise plan, thermal radiation caused grass fire. The fire spread to the forest in the direction of railway tracks. The Fire fighting train team was called to extinguish the fire.

“Unfortunately, there are no approach lines to the LPG Storage Facility, but we can accomplish at least three tasks: put out forest fire, protect the railroad and protect the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. We have laid a trunk line, supplied a monitor to put out fire in the forest and two diffuser branches to protect the railroad,” says Renat Naskhatovich Rechapov, head of the Tyumen Station fire fighting train.

Once the fire was localized, a control check for new fire areas and a detailed review of all stages of the exercise were conducted.

“I believe all the goals and objectives set for the exercise participants have been achieved in full and to a high standard. A special mention goes to well-coordinated work to implement the emergency response plan by the LPG Storage Facility shift led by the Head of the LPG Storage Facility Evgeny Viktorovich Barabash, who in a short time managed to properly teach the newly formed team. Unfailingly excellent in their work were the employees of VERT radiation and chemical reconnaissance squad, in particular,  Lyubov Sergeevna Bronnikova, Grade 4 Senior Chemical Laboratory Assistant, and VERT first aid and decontamination squad including Tatyana Alexandrovna Norgorodtseva, biologist, Alena Anatolievna Pikinerova, Grade 5 Chemical Laboratory Assistant,  Alexei Sergeevich Lyulin, Grade 4 Chemical Laboratory Assistant, and Alexander Andreevich Gaev, Grade 5 Chemical Laboratory Assistant. VERT employees have for many years honed their emergency response actions by participating in various trainings and exercises. This August VERT first aid and decontamination squad has won the Tyumen city review competition for the best VERT unit,” noted Alexander Ivanovich Babich, Head of the CD &ER Department.

September 30, 2015


On September 30, RAEX (Expert RA) international rating agency published its annual rating of Russian companies with largest sales volumes. 

Antipinsky Oil Refinery ranked 82nd (out of 600) position in the rating. The company’s sales volume in 2014 amounted to USD 3 228.6 million, sales increase rate – 79.4 %. It should be noted that the best dynamics and effectiveness at year-end 2014 were shown by private companies.

The main rating criterion was the indicator characterizing products (works, services) sales volumes in 2014. Company data were collected in three stages. The first stage was a preparatory one. Based on previous years ratings, statistical reporting for 2014, day-to-day statistical reporting, media report, the list of companies, potential rating participants was made. After the preliminary selection, about 1000 companies were left.  At the second stage, a survey was conducted among the remaining companies. Key performance indicators were requested for 2014 and 2013. Finally, at the third stage, the gaps in the information gathered were filled using Rosstat and corporate websites data. 

The rating was compiled using the Federal State Statistics Service and Federal Tax Service information presented in the Interfax Agency’s System of Professional Analysis of Markets and Companies. Other things being equal, the priority was given to financial statements prepared according to IFRS or US GAAP and the companies’ survey data. 

The main goal of the project was to analyze the role of big business in Russia’s economic development, its structure and main development trends. Over the years of its existence, the rating has gained recognition both in Russia and abroad and is extensively cited by Russian and foreign media.

September 30, 2015


Dear Colleagues,

Allow us to sincerely congratulate you on our refinery’s birthday! It is symbolic that this date coincided with our important 2015 production success – the completion of the construction and commissioning of the 2nd stage of Workflow Phase III – diesel hydrotreating complex! This event is a starting point for the implementation of oil re-refining processes at the refinery and just a first step in a series of large-scale transformations.

The commissioning of the diesel hydrotreating unit with the capacity of 3 million tons per annum enabled us to produce our first diesel fuel meeting mandatory Euro-5 standards.

We have also commissioned auxiliary facilities, in particular, a highly compact recycling water supply system with the nominal design capacity of the recycling water supply unit of 7000m3/hr; hydrogen generation unit, sulfur recovery unit (with a granulation module), technical nitrogen and air production unit and the flare system. Further, we have completed and commissioned the LPG plant designed for the shipment of commercial liquefied motor gas Grade PA and PBA.
However, the production achievements listed above are just the beginning of deep refining processes development path. We shall continue making major investments to improve the enterprise’s technological complexity, increase the output of light petroleum products and refining depth, improve the enterprise’s competitiveness in the oil industry as a whole.

A new chapter has been written in the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s development history, and it would be no exaggeration to say that it has been written thanks to you, dear refinery employees. Thank you for your high professionalism, competence, responsibility, commitment and deep understanding that we all together are pursuing one and the same cause of great consequence and importance – not only are we strengthening the positions of our enterprise, but we are also contributing to the development of oil refining industry in the country. 

Allow us to once again congratulate you on this wonderful occasion and wish you all good health, family happiness and  trouble-free work!

Yours truly, Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC

September 24, 2015


In August 2015, pursuant to the order of the Ministry review competitions for the best volunteer team of the city of Tyumen. Based on the review of the materials presented by the organizations participating in the competition, the winner was the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s first aid and decontamination squad.

The first aid and decontamination squad is part of the forces and means of the enterprise’s voluntary emergency response and rescue teams (VERT) intended to provide first aid to persons who were injured while performing emergency response, rescue and other urgent operations (ERR&OUO). VERTs are based at the enterprise as part of the working shift and, if necessary, can take emergency measures in response to civil defense alert signals and measures to prevent or localize emergencies at the initial stage and start ERR&OUO before the arrival of the main forces. That is why the refinery’s first aid and decontamination squad is provided with modern equipment. For example, its equipment includes a set of vacuum immobilization splints, unique to Tyumen, designed for self- and mutual aid, first aid. It is used in cases of suspected fractures of lower legs, feet, forearms, elbow and knee joint injuries; extremities soft tissue injuries with external bleeding to ensure immobility (immobilization) of damaged limbs during transportation from the place where the injury occurred to the hospital.
“I believe the refinery has deserved its first place, as the Antipinsky Oil Refinery management places high emphasis on providing the enterprise employees with cutting-edge first aid devices and emergency response equipment. The credit definitely goes to our employees who constantly improve their knowledge by taking training courses and participating in practical exercises and cope with their tasks,” says Alexander Ivanovich Babich, Head of the CD &ER Department of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery Industrial and Occupational Safety Directorate.

I sincerely congratulate our winners! May they continue developing their professional skills and qualities, be positive and enjoy further achievements and new victories. And most importantly, may they never have to use their knowledge and skills in practice.

September 24, 2015


On September 24, Forbes magazine presented the leaders of non-public sector of the Russian economy in its rating of Russia’s 200 largest private companies. Antipinsky Oil Refinery, having risen 27 positions, ranked 50th. At year-end 2014, the company’s revenue totaled RUB 125 bn having increased by RUB 55.5 bn.

The rating was topped by Lukoil with the revenue of RUB 4 740.2 bn, Surgutneftegas with its revenue of RUB 890.57 bn for the previous year came it second.

The list included companies with the interest of the state and foreign stakeholders not exceeding 50%. The companies were ranked based on their revenues for 2014. Preference was given to IFRS reporting data.

Revenues were assessed based on the data officially reported by the companies. Other sources included data from the information disclosure server of the Federal Financial Markets Service, Federal State Statistics Service and Federal Tax Service information presented in the Interfax Agency’s System of Professional Analysis of Markets and Companies (SPARC).

September 23, 2015


On September 23, RBC published its first rating of 500 Russian business leaders where Antipinsky Oil Refinery ranked 77th. It should be noted that the rating included all largest companies including state-owned ones. The Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s revenue at year-end 2014 increased by 79% and totaled RUB 125 bn, while the company’s profit reduced by RUB 34 bn.

By the number of companies presented in the list and the amount of data gathered the project could be characterized as the “most comprehensive rating of Russia’s largest companies”.

The rating includes companies of various types of ownership (state-owned, private, joint ventures), various forms of incorporation and even jurisdictions. Numbers in the rating are assigned only to Russian companies. For reference purposes, financial data on the largest subsidiaries of foreign companies are presented.

Most extensively presented in the rating are the following industries: oil and gas production and processing (61 companies), metals and mining (48), finance (43) and retail trade (41), infrastructure construction and transport (37 companies of each category).

The aggregate revenue generated by 500 largest Russian companies included in the rating exceeded RUB 56 trillion in 2014 being the equivalent of almost 77% of Russia’s GDP in the same year. Leading positions in the economy are held by oil companies. Top five companies included Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, Sberbank of Russia and Russian Railways.

September 04, 2015


On September 4, Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s main facility hosted an award ceremony for the enterprise employees timed to coinside with their professional holiday – Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Employee Day.

The ceremony was opened by a welcoming speech by Sergei Murzin, Acting Director General of Antipinsky Oil Refinery. Congratulations were also extended by Alexander Rymanov, Director General of Oil Assets Management CJSC, and public officials Leonid Ostroumov, Deputy Director/Department for Investment Policy  and State Support of Entrepreneurship of the Tyumen Region, Sergei Medvedev, Deputy of Tyumen Regional Duma, Maxim Afanasiev, Deputy Head of Tyumen City Administration, Nikolai Romanov, Acting Chairman of the Tyumen City Duma.

This year, just as in previous years, the work of the enterprise employees was recognized at all levels. The best performing employees received Official Messages of Gratitude from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Certificates of Appreciation from the Tyumen Regional Duma, Letters of Recognition from the Tyumen City. A total of 14 awards were given out.

The ceremony was concluded with closing words by Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC. He emphasized that the refinery’s throughput had exceeded 700 thous. tons per month, thus setting a record among the country’s private oil refining enterprise. He said that the next important milestone in the development history of Antipinsky Oil Refinery would be the completion of construction and the commissioning, as early as in 2016, of the fuel oil deep processing unit, which will enable the refinery to draw level with the industry leaders. Dmitry Mazurov thanked the employees for their contribution to the initial and further development of the enterprise, patience and striving for new achievements and stressed that working at Antipinsky Oil Refinery was the privilege of the most competent, responsible and committed industry professionals.

September 04, 2015


Dear friends! Esteemed colleagues!

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your professional holiday – Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Employee Day! This day is a pleasant occasion to sum up the results of complex and difficult work.

Nowadays, given a difficult economic situation, the oil refinery segment is one of the key segments in the oil industry.  It is the segment the industry’s future and overall performance pivots on. I am certainly pleased to note the fact that among oil refinery enterprises undergoing large-scale modernization, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery is one of the most advanced. 

This year has become an important milestone for our enterprise, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery has moved to a fundamentally new qualitative level of development. The construction of the diesel hydrotreating unit has been completed enabling us to produce Euro-5 standard fuel.

In the near future, there will be yet another chain of important events for the refinery to look forward to. After the commissioning of the diesel hydrotreating unit the Antipinsky Oil Refinery will establish a sustainable production of summer and winter Euro-5 diesel fuel to the amount of 2.8 million tons per annum. We are also planning to achieve the maximum oil refining depth of up to 94% this year by completing the construction of the deferred tar carbonization unit with a fuel oil vacuum distillation module.

In 2016, the range of petroleum products manufactured by the refinery will be supplemented by Euro standard gasoline.  The construction of the combined high-octane gasoline unit will be financed by Sberbank of Russia under the credit facility agreement for the amount of RUB 15.173 bn signed in June this year.

A successful fund raising experience gives the enterprise confidence in its future and the implementation of all its plans, and the refinery’s progressive advance will continue in the years to come.

Dear friends, allow us to express our gratitude to you for the large-scale, comprehensive work you have done, for the impressive result our enterprise has already achieved and the foundation of its future achievements that you are laying today. Not only do you contribute your knowledge and professionalism to our common cause, but you also put your hearts and souls into it.

We cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday and wish your good health, happiness, family well-being and further success!

Yours truly, Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC

August 27, 2015


On August 27, 2015, National Rating Agency affirmed Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s national scale credit rating at “+”.

The rating level assigned reflects high growth rates of the Company’s business: at year-end 2014, its key financial and production performance indicators have considerably increased.

Step-by-step and in compliance with the plan, the Company has been implementing its development strategy, increasing its production capacities and arranging long-term financing to implement its large-scale projects. The Agency notes that the Company has achieved all its objectives for 2014 in full including the attainment of one of its key strategic goals to improve the quality of diesel to meet the requirements of Euro-5 standard.

The company prepares annual financial reports according to Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) and IFRS, and based on the analysis thereof the Agency rates the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s creditworthiness and financial sustainability as high. The rating was assigned to Antipinsky Oil Refiner CJSC on September 3, 2012, affirmed on August 01, 2013 and on August 11, 2014 at the same level.

August 27, 2015


On August 26 –27, 2015, employees of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC underwent training in safe techniques and methods of performing works at height organized to demonstrate and solidify practical skills of performing works at height after the completion of the theoretical course.

“According to statistics, from thirty to forty percent of on-the-job injuries are associated with falls from heights, and therefore, it is important that enterprise employees are taught to use fall arrest equipment properly,” believes Andrei Fyodorovich Selevanov, a teacher at UPFIR Training Center, who acted as the instructor.

More than 30 refinery employees took part in the training including occupational safety service specialists, representatives of production shops, mechanical repair shop, electrical shop, instrumentation and automation shop, security service, i.e. the persons in charge of safe organization and performance of works at height, as well as persons performing such works.

“One of the focus areas in the Occupational Safety Policy developed and implemented by our Service last year is to provide training to Antipinsky Oil Refinery employees in the area of occupational safety through education and information. Such activities help to consolidated theoretical knowledge by using it in practice and fill in the gaps in our employees’ knowledge,” says Olga Ivanovna Purtova, Head of the Occupational Safety Service

August 26, 2015


On August 26, a large-scale cleanup was held in the Buzuluk Pinewood National Park with the participation of about 400 people. Among them were members of the Orenburg Region government, executives of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery and New Stream oil company, representatives of the Buzuluk District and Buzuluk City administrations, Orenburg Region Mixed Marshal Arts Federation, Orenburg Region Sambo Federation, VBK CJSC construction company, youth movements, public organizations, local residents and journalists of Orenburg and Buzuluk media.

Addressing the cleanup participants from Orenburg before their departure Vera Bashirova, Deputy Chairman (Internal Policy) of the Orenburg Region Government, said:

– About a month ago, on July 24, I, together with you, took part in the first cleanup day organized by our volunteer eco-team. Today, the First Deputy Minister of Forestry and Game Husbandry Vladimir Ryabov and Deputy Minister of Labor and Employment Irina Makeeva have joined out efforts.

The Vice Governor stressed that the participants are doing something very important – cleaning the pinewood from garbage.

- It is a whole set of activities aimed at the preservation of the national park’s ecosystem. What is important is that the Green Future campaign to save the pinewood brought together people engaged in different occupations, and what is particularly important is that the Orenburg Region schoolchildren and young people joined the campaign.

The participants of the cleanup day in Buzuluk Pinewood were joined by Ildar Zyabbarov, Director General of New Stream Oil Company LLC, Vladimir Sadov, Head of the Buzuluk District, Dmitry Bashkatov, Deputy Head of the Buzuluk City Administration.

The eco-team cleaned part of the national park from garbage. The campaign participants collected huge piles of lumber production waste, plastic bottles and bags, and other garbage.

– A lot of volunteers have come to help clean up the Buzuluk Pinewood today. It gives me joy to see that Orenburg young people are so environmentally conscious. After all, the environmental condition of the region largely depends on the people who live here. Thanks to everyone who participated in our pinewood cleanup event, said Ildar Zyabbarov. He also noted that until recently environmental protection had been the concern of only certain people and now caring for environment became engrained in our lives.

– I am sure that it is very important to spark interest in environmental issues in the younger generation, instill in them the right attitude to themselves, nature and the environment. his is the only way to save our planet. It largely depends on the family, but we can also contribute. That is why New Stream Oil Company announces a competition among 9-11 grade pupils and students pursuing environmental studies at Orenburg higher educational institutions, where they will have to make a video featuring environmental issues. The creators of three winning videos in each subgroup will be awarded trips to famous national parks of different countries. The details of the competition will be announced in due course, said the Director General of New Stream Oil Company LLC.

– With today’s event, we draw attention to the problem first and foremost of those who allow themselves to take garbage to the forest. We encourage people to be environmentally conscious.  A human being must remain a human being and take a responsible approach to nature – this is the main message of the campaign. I am sure that various events will be held as part of the campaign on a regular basis and we will be able us to protect the forest reserve, said Vladimir Ryabov, First Deputy Minister of Forestry and Game Husbandry.

As part of the Green Future campaign, 10 teenagers from the Buzuluk District who worked in the pinewood in August were presented by Irina Makeeva, Deputy Minister of Labor and Employment, with work record books issued in accordance with the Russian Federation law. Temporary employment of teenagers was made possible by agreement between the Orenburg Region Government, Antipinsky Oil Refinery and New Stream Oil Company. The kids received their salaries transferred by the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, payments from the employment service and schoolbags with school supplies for the new school year, as well as 10,000-ruble gift vouchers to purchase their school uniforms and sportswear.

– It is a very important moment for the kids today – they have received their first work record books that they will take to their adult life. In is important that the first entries in the books were made thanks to their work to protect and preserve the Buzuluk Pinewood, said Irina Makeeva. She wished the teenagers good luck in their future professional lives.

The cleaning of the Buzuluk Pinewood area is a set of activities organized by oil companies and the Government of the region. The cleanup day became the second large-scale event to clean up the park. The first environmental event which started the public movement to save the pinewood took place on July 24. The July cleanup day brought together 250 people – employees of the regional government, Antipinsky Oil Refinery, New Stream oil company, representatives of the region’s youth organizations, residents of the Buzuluk District and Orenburg media journalists. 

August 21, 2015


On August 21 – 23, Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC took part in official events in the Olympic Sochi.

On August 21, the II International Southern Environmental Forum “Living Planet – 2015” was held. On August 22, as part of the International Business Forum “Trade and Industrial Potential of Russian Regions” Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC was given the Global Business Brand-2015 International Award in the “Global Business Legend” category.

The GLOBAL BUSINESS BRAND Award was established by the International Union of Ecologists, Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (founded by Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan) to identify and reward business leaders who in today’s challenging conditions managed to find the resources for sustainable and dynamic growth and popularization and promotion of locally produced goods and services. It is an independent award aimed at supporting effective activities to build corporate reputation and a strong corporate brand of international significance.

On August 23, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC represented by its Director General Gennady Alexeevich Lisovichenko was awarded the diploma of participation in official events held to celebrate the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation. The largest Russian flag, the largest Krasnodar Region flag and the flags of the country’s regions consolidated in one piece of cloth were marched in a parade. The celebrations culminated in the singing of the Russian national anthem by all participants. 

July 25, 2015


On July 25, a festive opening ceremony of the children’s playground and sports ground was held in Kazachy Luga mini-park. It was timed to coincide with two significant events: the celebration of the 429th anniversary of the city of Tyumen and the 50th anniversary of Leninsky Administrative District. The event opened with welcoming addresses by Roman Viktorovich Vollert, Head of the Uprava (Municipal Council) of Leninsky Administrative District, Valery Borisovich Ananyin, Deputy General Director (General Administration) of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC and Albina Mikhailovna Selezneva, Deputy of Tyumen City Duma.

The greetings were followed by the presentation of the new children’s playground, outdoor exercise complex and a separate ground for special needs children to town residents.  The gift to Kazachy Luga residents was given as part of the mini-park hard and soft landscaping project implemented by the Leninsky District Uprava of the Tyumen City Administration together with Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC.

The opening ceremony culminated in a bright and versatile show titled “I Love You, Tyumen” presented by Tura Cultural Center performance groups on the stage built and equipped by the refinery. Parallel to the concert, participants of the “Pull-up Bar for Each Residential Courtyard” project presented their exhibition performance on the new sports ground and students of Tura Sports School demonstrated their pull-up skills using bars of various heights.

As part of the event, diplomas and prizes were awarded to the participants of the annual “Our Courtyard” competition aimed at improving the areas surrounding residential buildings, who competed in various categories. All the participants could get the City Day emblem and the Russian Federation flag painted on their faces.

July 24, 2015


On July 24, the Green Future campaign initiated by the Antipinsky Oil Refinery was launched in the Buzuluk Pinewood National Park starting a set of activities carried out as part of the cooperation program between the Orenburg Region Government and Antipinsky Oil Refinery to eliminate the negative impact of human activity on the Buzuluk Pinewood environment. The cleanup day brought together about 250 people including representatives of youth movements, public organizations, local residents and Orenburg media journalists.

The aim of the first eco-team that came to the Buzuluk Pinewood was to clean the national park area from garbage and waste. The eco-team members were joined by Vera Bashirova, Deputy Chairman (Internal Policy) of the Orenburg Region Government and Ildar Zyabbarov, Director of New Stream Oil Company.

The campaign participants saw with their own eyes the damage done to the forest reserve by unauthorized garbage disposal: huge piles of lumber production waste, plastic bottles and bags, and other garbage formed a huge waste deposit directly adjacent to the park boundaries and stretching for hundreds of meters. The situation within the pinewood proved to be no better.

Vera Bashirova, Vice Governor, Deputy Chairman (Internal Policy) of the Orenburg Region Government emphasized that the campaign to clean up the Buzuluk Pinewood was real help that the park needs so badly.

The second stage of the set of environmental activities in the Buzuluk Pinewood, as part of the development of systemic cooperation between the Orenburg Region Ministry of Labor and Employment and Antipinsky Oil Refinery, was temporary employment of teenagers during school summer vacation. In August 10 teenagers and young people aged 14 -18 will clean up the pinewood and help the forest guards to keep the pinewood clean and remove garbage and waste. 

June 18, 2015


June 18, 2015, Saint Petersburg – As part of the XIX Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, Sberbank of Russia OJSC and Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC entered into a non-revolving credit facility agreement for the amount of RUB 15.173 bn. On the part of Sberbank of Russia, the document was signed by the Maxim Poletaev, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, on the part of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC, by Dmitry Mazurov, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The loan funds will be used to finance the combined high-octane gasoline unit construction project, which will enable Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC to produce 480 thous. tons of AI-95 Euro-5 compliant gasoline per annum. The credit facility deal was arranged by Sberbank CIB.

The project aims to cover AI-95 motor gasoline deficit in the Tyumen Region and partially in the Urals Federal District and will help to create additional competition for major petroleum products market players to curb the price growth and improve the region’s environmental condition by reducing sulphur and benzene content in motor gasoline.

June 15, 2015


In June, Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC started commissioning works on the diesel hydrotreating complex (DHTC) and produced its first Euro 5 diesel fuel.

The DHTC is the enterprise’s manufacturing division. It will be commissioned as part of the second startup complex at the third construction phase as a main production facility. The General Designer is the Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa.  The basic design was developed by a Danish company Haldor Tpsoe AS.

The complex will consist of five main units located in the newly built process facility: feed preparation unit, hydrodesulfurization of diesel fuel and amine treatment of high pressure hydrocarbon gases unit,  hydrogenate stabilization and fractionation unit, amine treatment of low pressure hydrocarbon gases unit, hydrogen generation unit, sulfur recovery unit, additive dosing station to produce commercial-grade summer and winter gasoline including the equipment for analyzing and adjusting the quality of commercial-grade diesel fuel, as well as auxillary and emergency respose systems.

Upon the completion of commissioning works and the commissioning of the complex, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery will commence stable production of summer and winter Euro-5 diesel fuel in the amount of up to 2.8 million tons per annum. It is a fundamentally new development stage for the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. Futher, oil deep refining processed will be laucned at the facility and the production of high-octaine gasolines will commence. In 2016, the refinery’s petroleum products range will be expanded. In addition to Grade diesel fuel in will included gasolines 95 and 92 meeting Euro-5 standard, vacuum gas oil and coke.

June 11, 2015


On June 11, Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC hosted a scheduled on-site meeting of the Budgets, Taxation and Finance Committee of the Tyumen City Duma on the subject of “Tax Incentives to Enterprises: Efficient Use and Impact on Production Development”.

The meeting was attended by Gennady Lisovichenko, Director General of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC, Sergei Mikhailovich Sarychev, Vice Governor of the Tyumen Region, deputies of the Tyumen Region Duma including Dmitry Yurievich Goritsky, Chairman of the Budgets, Taxation and Finance Committee of the Tyumen City Duma, Andrei Viktorovich Artyukhov, First Deputy Chairman of the Tyumen Region Duma.

As part of the meeting program, its participants were given a familiarization tour of the main process units and production sites of Antipinsky Oil Refinery followed by a press conference.

The on-site meeting program also included a briefing during which representatives of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC and the Tyumen Region Duma analyzed the efficiency of tax incentives provided to the enterprise out of the regional budget.

April 29, 2015


Honored Veterans! Dear Friends!

Happy 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War!

The 9th of May is a landmark day in the modern history of our country. It is the day to remember the trying days of endless hardships that have befallen our Motherland, but it is also the day of boundless pride and joy for the invincible spirit and resilience of our compatriots.

Despite the years that have passed, we remember, as always, the greatest feat performed by our people, where each of them irrespective of age, sex, rank and title, both in the rear and the frontline, forged the Victory bringing closer the day   when millions of people would see the long-awaited peaceful sky over their heads again and the frightful sounds of war would  die down. We are proud of unparalleled courage and valor of our people.

We sincerely believe we remain united in peacetime as well – each of us will make every effort to be a worthy successor to the Great Victory.

We wish you good health, happiness, prosperity, calm and peace in your family.

Yours respectfully, Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC

April 27, 2015


At the end of April, Expert-Ural, a leading weekly magazine in the Urals and West Siberia, published its rating “Urals and West Siberia’s 100 Largest Exporters” at year-end 2014. Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC came in 6th having risen three positions compared to the previous year.

In 2014, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s export volume amounted to USD 1 519 821 thous. recording a 41% increase over the previous year. 2014 also saw an increase in the number of importing countries from 5 to 14. The number of product groups remained unchanged.

Top three largest exporters, just as last year, included Surgutneftegas, PJSOC Bashneft and Novatek.

The rating has been conducted since 2005 on an annual basis. The rating participants include companies and group of companies of Urals and West Siberia Region operating in any industry. The rating is compiled using statistical databases and company surveys. 

April 27, 2015


The Antipinsky Oil Refinery came in 17th in the rating of 20 most dynamic companies among Urals and West Siberia largest exporters at year-end 2014 published in Expert-Ural, a leading weekly magazine in the Urals and West Siberia. It should be noted that we were the only enterprise representing the Tyumen Region in the rating. The best results were shown by the following companies: Kurganstalmost whose export volume grew by 848 %, Sverdlovelectro Group with 397% export volume increase and CO Timber whose export volume grew by 232 %. The rating was compiled by Expert-Ural Analytical Center, a leading Urals and West Siberias think tank. The Centers key partners in economic research are Urals Federal University and the Urals Branch of the Higher School of Economics Research University (Saint Petersburg). Expert-Ural Analytical Center is a member of the Association of Independent Centers of Economic Analysis (AICEA) bringing together under its umbrella leading Russian think tanks.

April 26, 2015


On April 26, the first stage of Tyumen Cross Country Mountain Bike Cup was held in the Yuri Gagarin Park.

The racing was held in 12 categories among almost 200 participants. The Antipinsky Oil Refinery was represented by 4 employees – Dmitry Ryabkov, Maxim Drozdetskikh, Eduard Bukhinsky and Konstantin Kamenev.

Konstantin Kamenev came in third in the “Veterans” category. We heartily congratulate our colleague and wish all our athletes success in future Cup racings.

April 16, 2015


Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s volleyball team confirmed its champion status in Tyumen City competition among men’s teams.

10 teams took part in the tournament competing in two subgroups. 4 teams got through to the final rounds including the teams of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, Mostostroy-11, Aeronavigatsia and Transneft. The final game took place on April 16th at the Specialized Olympic Reserve Children and Youth Sports School No. 3.

The longed-for cup was won by Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s team, the second place went to Mostostroy-11’s team and the third one to Transneft’s team.

Our team is planning to confirm its champion’s title in park volleyball in the competitions to be held in the summer.

April 16, 2015


On April 14 – 16, as part of the project to implement the system of optimized planning of Antipinsky Oil Refinery’s operations, the enterprise was visited by Jacobs Consultancy Limited lead specialists John Metcalfe, Project Manager, and Inna Ivkova, Senior Consultant.

The purpose of the company specialists’ visit was to share the best industry practices, discuss the details of such a large-scale project and to assist in the selection and adaptation of linear programming tools for the Antipinsky Oil Refinery to optimize its production and maximize its profitability.

Jacobs Consultancy is the technical and consulting arm of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Jacobs, one of the world’s largest and most diversified supplier of technical, professional and construction services. In 2013, the company’s income amounted to about USD 12 bn. 

April 12, 2015


Antipinsky Oil Refinerys volleyball team became the silver medalist of the Tyumen Region First League Championship among mens teams. The tournament featured 16 teams competing in two subgroups, six of them got through to the final rounds including the West Siberian State College, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, Antipinsky Oil Refinery, Berdyuzhsky District, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen District. The finals were held at Borovsky Club on April 9 - 12. We cordially congratulate our athletes and wish them good health, positive attitude and further achievements and victories.

April 09, 2015


To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, Arctic-2015 Russian polar expedition delivered the fire taken from the eternal flame in the Victory Park in Moscow to the North Pole and the island of Spitsbergen. The initiative was intended to remind people of heroic battles for the Arctic and the crucial role they played during World War II.

The conquest of the Russian North became one of the most important strategic goals of the German command. The military history of Spitsbergen itself is quite uneventful, the only reminder of those times being the cannon that was placed in Cape Heer on the outskirts of Barentsburg.

The only human settlements in the archipelago are located on its largest island – West Spitsbergen.  They are Norwegian Longyear and Russian Barentsburg. The number of people living in the archipelago full time is 2.6 thousand.

The expedition into the high latitudes started on April 3 from the Victory Part on Poklonnaya Hill, where three lamps were lit from the Eternal Flame. The fire lighting ceremony was attended by Sergei Donskoi, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Sergei Mironov, Deputy of the State Duma, Nikolai Drozdov, Chairman of the Management Board of Living Planet International Environmental Movement and TV personality, Vyacheslav Bocharov, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Public Chamber and a Hero of Russia.

On April 4, the expedition of 72 people from more than 30 Russian regions took a special flight from Moscow to the island of Spitsbergen. Among the Arctic expedition participants were Gennady Lisovichenko, Director General of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC, and Vadim Ryabinin, Head of the Information and Analytical Department of New Stream Regional Public Organization. New Stream RPO supports social and political initiatives aimed at upbringing the younger generation as responsible citizens and patriots. Such unprecedented initiatives preserve historical memory and inspire a sense of pride in and respect for our country’s experience and the feats performed by our ancestors.

On April 5, the central square of Barentsburg became the venue for a large-scale show attended by all settlement residents. As part of the festivities, the handover ceremony of eternal flame lamp was held. The lamp was accepted by Alexander Veselov, Head of Arcticugol company. The flame was also delivered to the monument to Norwegian soldiers in Cape Heer and the memorial naval cannon, which participated in the defense of Spitsbergen from Nazi invaders. The third lamp went to SP-41 drifting station at the North Pole.

The fire symbolizes that no salvos, whistling bombs or machine guns stutter should ever be heard again in the Russian Arctic and Kola Polar Region. If there is a fire there, it should be a symbolic and peace protecting one.

Further, a flag unfolding ceremony led by Nikolai Drozdov was held.  State flags made of special hi-tech fabrics were consolidated in four large pieces of cloth: two of them had 30 flags each and the two other ones had 12 and 17 flags respectively. Three large searate flags represent Russia, Serbia and Norway. The picture was completed by flags of Russian socially responsible companies including New Stream. The flags with overall record size of 1.5 thousand square meters were simultaneously unfolded in honor of the 70th anniversary in the Great Patriotic War near the North Pole.

On April 7, the expedition participants went from Barentsburg back to the Norwegian administrative center Longyear, where the First Arctic Forum “Living Planet — 2015” was held. The Forum focused on ensuring Arctic environmental safety and fighting global warming.

The Forum culminated in the signing of the Social and Environmental Ethics Charter by all participants to ensure sustainable development in a globalized world economy, and the Charter is proposed to be sent to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change for the draft of the new climate change agreement to be adopted at the forthcoming Paris Conference in December 2015.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC represented by Gennady Lisovichenko was awarded a Certificate of participation in the official demonstration ceremony of the flag of Russia, flags of Russian regions, Russian cities and towns and the flags of socially responsible companies in the Russian settlement of Barensburg, and a Certificate of participation in the First International Arctic Forum “Live Planet — 2015” for supporting public initiatives, projects and programs in the area of sustainable growth and environmental protection.

March 18, 2015


On March 18, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery won the tender for the right to use subsoil resources for exploration and production of raw hydrocarbons of Mogutovskoe, part of Vorontsovskoe and part of Gremyachevskoe fields in the Orenburg Region for 20 years.

Having conducted a comprehensive detailed study of the environmental situation in the Buzuluk Pinewood National Park over the period of more than two years, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery fully understands the complexity and social significance of the existing environmental situation in the park.

Currently, there are 164 well sites in the national park, most of which are in a critical condition and due to the loss of sealing need to be re-suspended or abandoned. From the wells being under high pressure, X-trees are cut-off or removed in a most barbaric manner, which considerably decreases the safety of such wells. The existing oil leaks and gas seepages may catch on fire any time soon, which will inevitably lead to material damage to the environment and cause a large-scale manmade disaster. To ensure protection from any possible seats of fire and prevention of environmental disasters, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, based on its business performance results, has made provisions to allocate considerable financial resources for that purpose. As one of the first steps in that direction, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery will in the near future set up a fire-fighting unit in the national park and engage local population on a remuneration basis.

Participating in the preservation and improvement of the Buzuluk Pinewood National Park environment is a principled civic stance taken by the Antipinsky Oil Refinery management. Antipinsky Oil Refinery is fully committed to minimize the damage resulting from the implementation in the Soviet times of the ill-conceived policy of total drilling that did not take into account the environmental features of the area. Therefore, Antipinsky Oil Refinery undertakes to participate in the social and economic development of the Orenburg region, such participation expressed in monetary terms amounting to over RUB 3 bn, including by increasing tax deductions to the regional budget, and commits to pay special attention to creating new jobs. Further, one of the company’s priority focus areas will be the performance of works to re-abandon the abandoned wells and re-suspend part of the suspended wells and maintain the wells in an environmentally safe condition. Moreover, in order to restore the national park’s ecosystem, all earlier damaged and contaminated lands will undergo remediation, whereupon they will be handed over to the government.

The company management’s commitment to investing substantial funds to address environmentally material issues is confirmed by the commissioning of five-step water treatment facilities at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery in 2014, the construction of which cost USD 200 million. They are unique in that the water coming from the river for the refinery’s process needs is dirtier than the water returned to the river by the refinery after it has passed through all five purification stages. It is noteworthy that there are very few oil refineries in Russia, but Antipinsky Oil Refinery is one of them, where grass and flowers can grow next to refining units, and the foul odor hanging over most Russian oil refineries is not there.

The environmental protection efforts undertaken by the Antipinsky Oil Refinery do not go unnoticed. In 2014, the refinery was given “Water of Russia” First National Water Industry Award in the “The Best Project Aimed At Reducing Water Pollution” category. In February 2015,  at the International Business Forum “Russia – Serbia 2015: Prospects of Trade, Economic and Humanitarian Cooperation” held in Belgrade (Serbia), the Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC was awarded a diploma of the "Global Eco Brand" main international environmental Award in the “Leader in Social and Environmentally Responsible Business” category.

The above facts clearly demonstrate the Antipinsky Oil Refinery management’s concern for its employees engaged in the production and the environment.

As of today, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery expresses its readiness to proceed with the implementation of activities in the areas that require special attention, namely:

• reforestation activities;
• projects to provide the facilities and facilitate research activities at the National Park;
• improvement of living conditions of Buzuluk Pinewood National Park employees;
• maintaining fire-chemical stations and availability of necessary equipment for fire-chemical stations, as well as providing routine repairs of fire fighting facilities (fire lookout towers,  fire-chemical stations);
• creating and maintaining recreational facilities;
• workplace arrangement, retraining and training of local population, and implementation of any other activities proposed by FGU Buzuluk Pinewood National Part and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Property Relations of the Orenburg Region.

In keeping with its commitment to strictly comply with the environmental law provision, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery warrants that it will use the most advanced scientific solutions in the course of developing the fields to minimize the presence of process equipment and infrastructure facilities in the National Park (booster pump stations, oil treatment and metering units,  tank farms and branch pipelines connected to main pipelines) by placing them outside the Buzuluk Pinewood and using directional and horizontal drilling methods. All the wells will be located on 10 sites with due account for the prevailing wind pattern.

Fully realizing the burden of responsibility falling on the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, the company’s management undertakes to use its best efforts to prevent the environmental disaster brewing in the Buzuluk Pinewood National Park to preserve national environmental heritage for future generations.

March 12, 2015


Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC has completed the installation of the vacuum tower, the main part of the process equipment of the vacuum block of the oil fuel deep processing unit. Installation of the column equipment, heat exchanges and tanks and vessels is currently underway. Preparations for process equipment hydraulic tests are in progress. Earthworks have been completed by 85%. 1800 tons of rack and stack metal structures have been erected. Vacuum furnace installation works and coupling of process pipelines sections have been commenced.

March 12, 2015


On March 12, representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea visited the Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC. The visit was part of the preparatory activities to organize a business visit of the delegation of the Republic of Korea headed by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Korea scheduled for the summer this year.

The two-day visit program included meetings with Tyumen Region public officials and visits to the West Siberian Innovation Center and the region’s new production facilities including the Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

The delegation members were pleasantly impressed with the enterprise’s technical and technological level and highlighted the efforts made by the company’s management to achieve high results in the environmental protection area.

We would like to remind out readers that on February 17, 2015 Antipinsky Oil Refinery was awarded a diploma of the "Global Eco Brand" main international environmental award in the “Leader in Social and Environmentally Responsible Business” category.

February 17, 2015

On February 17, 2015,  at the International Business Forum “Russia – Serbia 2015: Prospects of Trade, Economic and Humanitarian Cooperation” held in Belgrade (Serbia), the Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC was awarded a diploma of the "Global Eco Brand" main international environmental Award in the “Leader in Social and Environmentally Responsible Business” category.
The "Global Eco Brand" Award has been established by the Foundation for Research and Support in the Area of Global Information Management “National Center for Global Information Management” and “Living Planet” public organization for environmental protection headed by Nikolai Nikolaevich Drozdov.
The Award is intended to give prominence to organizations that have undergone a public environmental quality audit and have been awarded an International  Environmental Certificate and a Gold “International Ecologists Initiative 100% Eco Quality” madal, and entered in the Consolidated Commemorative Register of Companies Awarded an International  Environmental Certificate and a Gold “International Ecologists IniTiative 100% Eco Quality” Sign.
Public environmental audit was held at Antipinsky Oil Refinery on February 3 – 5 by Environmental International Auditors Community Non-profit Partnership,  a self-regulatory organization. The audit results provide sufficient grounds to claim that the enterprise’s activities in the areas of environmental protection and the use of natural resources meets the requirements of applicable environmental and natural resources management law of the Russian Federation.
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