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   News - Press coverage (2006)
November 24, 2006
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November 24, 2006

One More Line to Appear at Tyumen Severnaya Railway Station

Official in charge of Sverdlovsk Railways Shevket Shaidullin held a working meeting with Gennady Lisovichenko, General Director of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, this week when he was on a visit to the Tyumen Section.

The issues of the development of approach railways directed to the territory of the refinery were discussed. In particular, a decision was taken on the construction in 2007 of an extra railway line at the Tyumen Severnaya station for the purpose of increasing the maneuverability of the station and on the repair of the electrical signal tower. All the works will be carried out on mutually advantageous conditions.

Due to the growing volumes of products manufactured by Antipinsky Oil Refinery a demand arose for more railway cars ready for loading. At the present time such cars are delivered to the receiving-and-departure tracks of the Tyumen Severnaya station which circumstance causes difficulties for the operation of other adjacent stations, such as Voinovka. Main railway lines are to be free for passing trains. The construction of an extra line will enable us to solve the encountered technical problem. This work is to be planned and implemented as soon as possible, noted official in charge of Sverdlovsk trunk line Shevket Shaidullin.

Information: Antipinsky Oil Refinery was opened in July 2006. The enterprise specializes in the production of diesel fuel, residual oil, gasoil, tar, and other refined products. In October 2006 200 tankers or 11.4 million tons of products were transported from the refinery. The enterprise plans to load and transport up to 50 tankers per day. Thus, in the nearest future Antipinsky Oil Refinery will be ranked among the most serious clients of Sverdlovsk Railways. Internet Newspaper
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