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September 28, 2007
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September 28, 2007

Antipinsky Oil Refinery: It is Only the Beginning

As of September 30, 2007 Antipinsky Oil Refinery will mark its first anniversary.

After commissioning the refinery got into the rhythm of work rapidly having convincingly occupied its sector on the Russian market of oil products. The rates at which Antipinsky Oil Refinery has been developing from the very start are not to be lost by it, the enterprise intends to further strengthen its positions in the oil industry and enhance the volumes of oil refining.

As of today the capacity of Antipinsky Oil Refinery amounts to 500 thousand tons of oil p.a. The range of products includes directly distilled gasoline, diesel fuel (summer and winter), residual oil. The refinerys products are in great demand, its customers are regular. Practically all of its directly distilled gasoline is exported to European countries, its diesel fuel is consumed around the entire Urals Federal District and in some other areas. Great volume of residual oil is also shipped to ports for bunkering vessels.

The refinery energetically cooperates with local farmers, it has made an agreement with the department of the agricultural complex of the Tyumen Region on supplying diesel fuel to local farm producers. Retail network on selling all the products to consumers is being formed. Recently the first refueling station situated near the refinery has been opened, but even today the volumes of sold oil products are comparable with the sales at refueling stations in the center of the city.

Such major companies as Itera, Novatek, Surgutneftegzas, Lukoil, Transneft, and others are partners of Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

The refinery receives crude oil through the pipeline system from the Krasnoleninsk oil fields in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. In case of its transfer to another oil the refinery may lose the quality of products, Vladimir Serkov, Chief Engineer of Antipinsky Refinery, is quoted as saying, so, the enterprise does not plan to change the geography of its resource base.

The fact that Antipinsky Oil Refinery competes with major oil refiners from other regions is quite logical. According to explanations given by Vladimir Serkov, Antipinsky Oil Refinery has two serious advantages as compared with its colleagues in the industry, namely: its proximity to consumers resulting in the reduction of crude supply costs and in a possibility to promptly solve any issue, as well as high quality of its products. The latter constitutes one of the basic priorities of the enterprise. The reputation of a reliable supplier of quality products is valuable and the refinery does everything it can so that its consumers wont be disappointed. Before leaving the refinery its products undergo numerous procedures of quality control, they are analyzed several times during the work process, and then checked in the tanks before shipment, as well.

The refinery has an up-to-date laboratory at its disposal equipped with advanced technologies. It is used for the certification of manufactured products, the laboratory specialists also monitor the condition of environment and sewage waters.

By the way, the issue of environmental protection is paid much attention to at the refinery. Antipinsky Oil Refinery disposes of space-saving treatment facilities with a reverse osmosis system which makes it possible to get rid of 99% of inclusions. The enterprise complies with all the requirements of the environmental legislation currently in effect, it has established a set of measures on reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air, and on protecting subsurface waters. Resultant waste is temporarily stored in specially allotted places and then removed from the territory of the enterprise for subsequent disposal. For the entire period of the refinerys operation no reprimands from environmental supervisory authorities have been received, the Chief Engineer stressed.

As any sustainably developing enterprise Antipinsky Oil Refinery is future oriented and makes plans for increasing oil refining volumes up to 3 million tons per year. The commissioning of the second phase of the refinery will help reach this level. Such commissioning is scheduled for the first quarter of 2009. As for now, design is being drafted and tenders for equipment are being held. After obtaining all the required permits construction and assembly works will start.

Long-term plans of the refinery are connected with the commissioning of the third phase which will make it possible to begin the manufacturing of products complying with Euro standard. However, professionals speak about this reluctantly. First, it is necessary to solve the complete the second phase, start up the production, calculate profitability, and only then materialize ideas on deepening oil processing, sys the Chief Engineer.

Despite the overall positive mood one cannot call the everyday life of the refinery quiet, minor problems occasionally arise, but they are part and parcel of the work process, therefore, we are going ahead by overcoming difficulties and amassing additional experience, notes Vladimir Serkov.

Presently Antipinsky Oil Refinery is considering several issues: the construction of a new laboratory for which new additional equipment is purchased, the augmentation of the refinerys internal electric power substation, the building of new facilities (garage, fire house).

The enterprise numbers more than 300 staffers. The basic personnel source of the refinery is the Tyumen Oil And Gas University. After commissioning of the second-phase facilities the staff is be increased by 100 people at least. The enterprise intends to build service housing for the refinerys employees simultaneously with the construction of the second-phase facilities. For these purposes a joint construction contract was made with Tyumenpromstroi Building Company LLC in March 2007 for the building of a 20-storey apartment house, design works have already been carried out. No doubt that there are more than one thousand of CVs in the database of the enterprise because many people wish to work here. Internet Newspaper
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