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December 30, 2013
Private Project No. 1 in Russia
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December 30, 2013

Private Project No. 1 in Russia

Seven years cannot be called a jubilee. But this small time-period happened to be enough for Antipinsky Oil Refinery to turn from a construction site started from scratch into a refinery which became one of the major taxpayers of the region.

Let us recall that the construction of the new facility in Antipino began in 2004. And two years later the first workflow phase capable of refining 400 thousand tons of oil products p.a. was commissioned. Since then the volumes of production have swelled almost 20 times, what is especially impressive taking into consideration the fact that the project is entirely private and no state budgetary funds have been invested therein.

When many companies prefer to export the money they earn in Russia abroad top managers of Antipinsky Oil Refinery, on the contrary, are effectively raising foreign funds for the development of their enterprise. First tranches were received from Raiffeisenbank, then Gazprombank joined the pool of creditors, Globex was next, and recently Khanty-Mansi Bank lined up with them. However, as of today the share of Russian capital does not exceed USD 200 million in USD 1 billion which have already been invested. The total amount of investments will be more than USD 2 billion by 2015.

Today we are trying to transfer to the use of Russian capital because now Western banks cannot offer long-term money even for seven years without which it is impossible to implement such projects, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC Dmitry Mazurov explains. They provide cheap but short-term credits. Some time ago our president insistently recommended that Russian Banks should more intensively extend credits to industry, and now they are ready to do it.

According to Dmitry Mazurov now bankers are facing another problem: the insufficient number of worthy projects. One can hardly find ten enterprises of comparable scale in Russia which have already started, have realistic prospects, and at the same time are developing and need credits. Against this background the rapidly developing Antipinsky Oil Refinery whose creditworthiness score was recently confirmed by the National Rating Agency at the A+ level seems especially attractive.


One of the key factors of such rapid and, at the same time, steady growth is a well-defined and long-term development strategy consistently applied by the company management. Thus, the main objective of 2013 became the completion of construction of the first stage of the third workflow phase. The commissioning of the new ELOU-AT-3 unit with the capacity of 3.7 million tons p.a. scheduled for January 2014 will make it possible to swell volumes of refined oil to more than 7.5 million tons p.a.

Simultaneously the construction of new treatment facilities at which all effluents will pass five stages of purification has been finished. It will make it possible for the enterprise to reuse up to 60% of purified effluents for technical purposes and improve the remaining 40% of water as required by hygienic standards applicable to surface water protection subsequently discharging them to the Tura River. The accredited ecological and analytical laboratory of the refinery will exercise quality control over wastewaters at all stages of treatment.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery is the first to acquire access to the Transneft pipeline system after a new law has become effective.

The net profit of the refinery over the year 2012 grew by 10% as compared with the year 2011 and amounted to more than 1.25 billion rubles.

By 2015 the aggregate volume of investments will exceed USD 2 billion.

In 2015 the first 1.5 million tons of oil products will enter the Transneft pipeline system what will make it possible to reduce transportation costs twice.

What next? It was the main question of Tyumen journalists addressed to Dmitry Mazurov who had arrived to the ceremony of marking the seventh anniversary of the enterprise. We will go on, he said. Now we have one semi-product left gasoil. Maybe in 2018 we will build a hydrocracking unit what will enable us to get rid of semi-products.

However, already next year Antipinsky Oil Refinery is to transfer to the output of Euro-5 diesel, in 2015 deep processing of oil products will begin, and in 2016 Euro-5 high-octane gasoline will be produced. After that the share of semi-products will dwindle to 20%.

What does this project mean for the Tyumen Region? First of all, it means the growth of the budget revenues. Oil refinery is an extremely transparent business due to its scope and technological specifics. No wonder, that over the past seven years the enterprise has developed into the second largest taxpayer in the region staying just behind Rosneft state-run mega concern. Speaking about private companies only Antipinsky Oil Refinery is sure to be taxpayer No 1 in the Tyumen Region and the first among private enterprises of the industry all over Russia, Dmitry Mazurov stated. In two years we will become first not only in terms of production volumes, but also of product quality.


It is of no less importance that due to this project the region for the first time has got an opportunity to meet the demand in POL on account of its own production. In 2014 we will have already met the demand of the Urals Federal District for Euro-5 diesel fuel in full, the rest will go for export, Dmitry Mazurov promises. We will produce gasoline in the amount required by the Tyumen Region (including districts). It is worth mentioning that the refinery has provided the Tyumen farmers with fuel under favorable conditions for several years.


According to the rating list of RIA Federal Press publicity and information agency Antipinsky Oil Refinery is ranked 15th for its net profit indices among companies.

Antipinsky Oil Refinery was acknowledged the best company of Russia in the Labor Productivity Leader category within the framework of the Expert-400 project and became the only Russian company recorded in the analogous rating list of the CIS countries.

According to the Forbes rating list, Top-200 Major Private Companies of Russia 2013, Antipinsky Oil Refinery is ranked 93rd.

After all, even today Antipinsky Oil Refinery has created over 1,000.00 jobs (in three years it will be more than 2,000.00) with decent working conditions and high salaries. The majority of employees are the citizens of Tyumen, graduates of Tyumen State Oil-and-Gas University, Zapsibenergo Vocational Education Center, and the refinerys own training center.

Social policy pursued by the management team is clearly seen in its large-scale programs on solving the housing problem. This year the 152-apartment house has been completed. A lot of funds have been allocated for premiums and different emoluments. In connection with the seventh anniversary 30 best workers received financial premiums, many of them were awarded with merit certificates and letters of acknowledgement, including those of municipal authorities.

The companys management team is sure of successful development of their its project. Thus, it has already been approved that products will be shipped primarily to wholesalers on swap-delivery terms. They will come to us themselves, since the domestic product is cheaper and more convenient in use, Dmitry Mazurov is sure. We shall arrange for counter-streams: well give them the product here and they, for example, in the southern direction. It will be advantageous for everybody." The process flow scheme has been considered so thoroughly that even in crises the enterprise will be profitable. Owners still dont rely on state investments, though they are grateful to governor Vladimir Yakushev for benefits provided for property depreciation what is especially important for the facility under construction. It is important to point out to the effective assistance rendered by the head of the region for liquidating various bureaucratic obstacles which inevitably rise on the way of any new project. Dmitry Mazurov summarized the results of the first seven years very clearly and briefly: This year our revenues will make up USD 2.5 billion, in two years we will get 5 billion. I think that the region is interested in such a taxpayer.

TMN Magazine