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May 28, 2014
Technologies For The Benefit Of Ecology
May 28, 2014
The Project Facing The Future
May 28, 2014
Transaction Of The Year


May 28, 2014

Technologies For The Benefit Of Ecology

How to boost production without exacerbating negative impact on the environment thereby? Today this problem is one of the most important for any large industrial enterprise. It seems that it is possible to resolve this problem, first of all, by implementation at the enterprise of new environment-friendly and resource-saving technologies, unconventional engineering and ecological solutions. The activity carried out by Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC in the area of natural resource use is one of graphic examples of such approach.

Thus, in the course of construction and technical development of the enterprise special attention is paid to choice of up-to-date technological equipment complying with the requirements of the strictest environmental standards. To lessen the pressure on the environment a number of technological solutions were taken into account at the design stage making it possible to minimize the negative impact on nature. Including, among other things, to reduce significantly water consumption what means to considerably decrease sewage discharge, pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, and prevent oil and oil-product spillage in the soil, surface and underground.

Such technological solutions include:
- the use of burner units in process furnaces which comply with the most stringent environmental requirements;
- the application of a sealed system within the entire process flow;
- the control, computerization, and telemetry of technological processes to prevent accidents, as well as to minimize pollutant emissions to the atmosphere by strict adherence to established technological parameters;
- the provision of a leak-proof filling of light oil products with gas removal to tanks via gas equalizing lines;
- the use of air-cooling systems in process flows;
- the implementation of water removal systems which prevent wastewater discharge to surface waters;
- the construction of concrete platforms for processing equipment and oil loading racks with guard rails and ladders.

Besides, river water-intake and water-conditioning facilities, since the existing and projected units of the refinery need their own industrial and soft-water supply.

Efficient solutions

Equipment of treatment, water-intake and water-conditioning facilities makes it possible to prevent changes of the Tura River bottom and any limitations of water traffic when using water intake structures.

Control over the function of water-intake, water-conditioning, and water treatment facilities is exercised using the unified computerized industrial process control system located in the operational center of the treatment facilities.

The commissioning of water-intake, water-conditioning, and five-stage water treatment facilities occupying the area of 10.7 ha has become one of remarkable events in the activity of the refinery.

Up-to-date water-intake and water-conditioning facilities have been built for the purpose of ensuring uninterrupted operation of the refinerys existing and projected units.

In the course of design and construction of the water-intake system the following up-to-date solutions have been used:

- the underflow water-intake system without over-ground structures equipped with submersible axial angular pumps, construction was carried out using diving operations without dehydration of trenches and ditches; - regular quality water supply (practically without suspended substances, iron and manganese ions) irrespective of the water quality in the river.

Considering further development of the enterprise high-capacity effluent treatment plants (preliminary, physical-chemical, biological treatment blocks, advanced post-treatment and dehydration block for trapped oil products, residues, and excess sludge) were designed and built on record-small areas (about 6 ha) which were intended for the intake and treatment of industrial, rainfall, and domestic wastewaters formed at the facilities of Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

The construction of such treatment plants in the environment which is so limited in space has become possible due to the application of modern equipment, as well as water reclamation and effluent slime treatment technologies. In particular, for example, the biological treatment block designed according to the GE technology with membrane bioreactor (MBR) has enabled the refinery to do entirely without heavy secondary settlers intended for trapping active sludge after aeration tanks, what has made it possible to reduce areas 3-4 times. The application of separators and impeller floatation equipment of SeparationSpecialists has made it possible to reduce the area of the physical-chemical treatment block plants 2-3 times on account of separating oil products and suspended substances when effluents move in a vertical spiral direction, but not horizontally as is usually implemented in oil traps at treatment plants of Russia.

Andritz centrifuges enabled the refinery to do without a heavy-duty complex of plants: sludge consolidation, stabilization, fermentation; residue, excess sludge and effluent slime dehydration, meanwhile the applied technologies improve the quality of dehydrated slime for its subsequent processing and disposal.

The discharge of purified effluents to the river fully complies with requirements imposed on the quality of water of fishery water bodies.

Control over the quality of effluents is exercised at all stages of treatment using up-to-date equipment of the eco-analytical laboratory of Antipinsky Oil Refinery.

It should be specially underlined that only high-technology equipment of such most advanced Russian enterprises as Komsomolets Tambov Plant OJSC, LIT Research and Production Association, EKO-Umvelt CJSC, TEKO-FILTR Production Enterprise LLC, as well as of such foreign companies as Zickert (Sweden), Separation Specialist (USA), GE Water & Process Technologies (Hungary), and other firms well known all over the world, is used at the new facility of the refinery.

All in all, Antipinsky Oil Refinery has spent about 4 billion rubles for the building of treatment facilities, as well as for its industrial and environmental safety.

Treatment facilities will enable the refinery to:

- return 60% of purified water to industrial production and provide for a considerable environmental and economic effect on reducing natural resource consumption (of fresh water from the river);
- reduce the impact of harmful factors (such as noise, vibration, emissions, and discharges, etc.) on the environment and employees);
- supply the main and auxiliary processing units with the water of such quality which is imposed on equipment;
- minimize operational costs (low power consumption equipment, use of advanced chemical agents, etc.).