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Social policy
Social policy
Social aspect of the Company's activity is primarily demonstrated by care of the Company's personnel.

The Company provides free catering (breakfasts and lunches) for the personnel, organizes sports and entertaining events. We practice giving birthday and wedding gifts for our staff and their families. Moreover, we practice charitable contributions for orphans and support Orphan home No 66.
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August 1,2006
«Tyumensky kurier »

Oil Birthday Gift

On its 420-th anniversary Tyumen received a huge birthday gift, made of bricks and well-equipped – it is Antipinsky Oil Processing Plant.

Its start-up took place on July 29. It is located at the 6th km of Tobolsky Tract, and the place was not chosen at random. This location is convenient, as it is near the motor road and the railroad.

This is where West-Siberian oil, received from the OAO Transneft long-distance pipelines system, will be processed.

The products will include gasoline, diesel fuel, black oil fuel, gas oils, tar fuel and bitumen. Total capacity in terms of fuels and lubricants output will make 1700 thousand tons per year!

Most part of gas oil and black oil fuel will be delivered from Antipinsky OPP to petrochemical and rubberoid plants to neighbouring regions of the Urals Federal District, as well as Bashkortostan and Tatarstan plants. Further on, own bitumen-asphalt unit is planned to be built to supply the products to the regional road construction companies.

In fact, the start-up only crowned completion of the first stage. There is no noise of motor vehicles yet, and oil is not running in the trestle, and the plant seems to be sleeping. But this is not true. In the laboratory, in the railway loading control room, and the room, which is proudly named “control board” by the workers, start-up works are being performed.

Let us have a look at the laboratory. Nina Ufimtseva, a chemist, is in charge of a very complicated system. She gave us a tour round the laboratory rooms. You will find all kinds of equipment here, including tools for analysis of oil products, process water, heating house control, a calorimeter…

On each device you will see stickers naming them; however Nina Borisovna believes that they will not need them in future, because a proficient specialist will do fine without them. Most of the devices are automatic; therefore they are less harmful for health.

Again, as for occupational safety, the laboratory is provided with ventilation, even storage cabinets are connected to the ventilation system. And the fire alarm system only reacts to fire, as there is no smoke produced by reagents burning.

Nina Borisovna worked at the large Omsk oil processing plant for 12 years, so all the equipment at the Antipinsky plant look like toys to her. There are 20 people working in the laboratory including her, they are laboratory technicians and engineers. The laboratory, apart from certification of the products, will continuously control the state of the environment.

Behind the laboratory there is the railway loading control room and the trestle. Train sets will come here by rails. The trestle is empty so far, and the control room is guarded by security men, and assemblers are connecting wires.

There are huge empty areas on the territory of the plant. They are intended for construction of the second line, which will greatly increase the plant capacity.

The complex start-up will provide 207 people with jobs. 120 people are already employed.

According to Gennady Lisovichenko, Director General, Antipinsky OPP will not only meet demands of the south of Tyumen Region for oil products, but will also provide agricultural companies will cheaper fuel of high quality. And again, it will yield good profit to the city budget.


6 km of Stary Tobolsky Trakt, 20, Tyumen, 625047
tel.: +7 (3452) 28-43-01; fax: +7 (3452) 28-41-80

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Dear friends and colleagues!

Another year, complicated and full of events, will soon be over. Throughout all this time we have been a team, in which mutual understanding and help are very important. This allowed us to go ahead and never rest on what we have achieved. Therefore, we have every reason to be proud of our joint progress.

Still we have new objectives ahead, and I believe in success of our common cause! I cordially wish you a happy New Year and merry Christmas!

And in this coming year I wish you love and kindness, health and well-being, strength and justice. May the coming year bring you good luck, joy and happiness!HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Best regards, Chairman of the Board of Directors ZAO Antipinsky OPP Mazurov D.


Dear colleagues!

I cordially wish you a happy New Year and merry Christmas! For each of us, New Year is always associated with anticipation of changes for good and important events. New Year is the time when we sum up the results of the year and hope for better future.

At the threshold of the year 2007 I wish that in every family love and understanding reigned, that children were happy and parents were healthy.

I wish you all the best and that all your dreams come true, I wish you peace and well-being, patience and wisdom. May the coming year refresh relationship in your families and make them closer, and bring you health and understanding. I wish you happiness and peace!

Best regards, General Director of ZAO Antipinsky OPP Lisovichenko G.