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Social policy
Social policy
Social aspect of the Company's activity is primarily demonstrated by care of the Company's personnel.

The Company provides free catering (breakfasts and lunches) for the personnel, organizes sports and entertaining events. We practice giving birthday and wedding gifts for our staff and their families. Moreover, we practice charitable contributions for orphans and support Orphan home No 66.
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October 18, 2006

The Dutch offer cooperation in oil-processing industry to the citizens of Tyumen

The Netherlands may become an excellent partner for the Tyumen Oblast in the area of oil-and-gas processing.

Today an official delegation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, headed by the Dutch ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Russia, Jan-Paul Dirkse, has visited the Antipinsky Oil Processing Plant. Now the first section of the plant, opened this June, has reached its full capacity and it processes 500,000 tons of oil annually, as the Director General, Gennady Lisovichenko, has told his foreign guests. The raw material comes from Shaimsky and Krasnoleninsky deposits of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. The refinery products (petrol, diesel fuel, black oil fuel) are supplied to the markets of the Tyumen Oblast, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The construction of the second section starts in January, 2007 and in April or May of 2008 the Antipinsky Oil Processing Plant will be able to process 2,500,000 tons of oil per year.

The Ambassador Jan-Paul Dirkse has remarked at the meeting that the Tyumen Oblast is a powerful region and it interests the Netherlands as an excellent partner. There are prospects of cooperation in the agriculture as well, especially since in the nearest future the Tyumen Oblast plans to increase several times its breeder cattle. Two businesspeople from the Dutch delegation have been working for a long time with many Tyumen stock-breeders. However, the Dutch delegation would like to develop cooperation not only in the agro-industrial area but also in the oil processing area.

The guests asked a lot of questions about investments, sales markets and transportation of the refinery products; special attention was paid to environmentally-safe features of the production. The economic adviser of the Ambassador, Ms Gerdalies van Diggelen said that the Netherlands can supply the equipment for constructing the second section of the plant as well as provide consulting support in management, marketing, etc. She also offered to the plant management the services of two Dutch banks that work in Russia.

Jan-Paul Dirkse said,«Being a red tapist, who has hold only a pen in his hands, Id love to see the production process». The Director General of the Plant organized a small tour of the facilities and spoke about the state-of-the-art American equipment, installed on the plant, about the complete automation of all the processes and the role of computers in the on-line quality control. The guests suggested that it might have been hard for the Plant management to find highly-qualified specialists.

Gennady Lisovichenko agreed that he indeed had had some HR problems, since there were only mining companies in the Oblast and no refineries. However, all the specialists were found in Tyumen. The Director General also demonstrated the laboratory that hourly tested the water and the air and controlled the quality of oil products.


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Dear friends and colleagues!

Another year, complicated and full of events, will soon be over. Throughout all this time we have been a team, in which mutual understanding and help are very important. This allowed us to go ahead and never rest on what we have achieved. Therefore, we have every reason to be proud of our joint progress.

Still we have new objectives ahead, and I believe in success of our common cause! I cordially wish you a happy New Year and merry Christmas!

And in this coming year I wish you love and kindness, health and well-being, strength and justice. May the coming year bring you good luck, joy and happiness!HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Best regards, Chairman of the Board of Directors ZAO Antipinsky OPP Mazurov D.


Dear colleagues!

I cordially wish you a happy New Year and merry Christmas! For each of us, New Year is always associated with anticipation of changes for good and important events. New Year is the time when we sum up the results of the year and hope for better future.

At the threshold of the year 2007 I wish that in every family love and understanding reigned, that children were happy and parents were healthy.

I wish you all the best and that all your dreams come true, I wish you peace and well-being, patience and wisdom. May the coming year refresh relationship in your families and make them closer, and bring you health and understanding. I wish you happiness and peace!

Best regards, General Director of ZAO Antipinsky OPP Lisovichenko G.